Race Car Wrap Kits

Late Model Wraps $740.00 / Late Model Semi Wraps $550.00

Late Model Wraps are a great way to change your race car color to something extreme. Instead of standard paint colors you can use vinyl to create a final look that your local painter can't. As an example wrap your race car with photo quality Snake Skin or Lightning. Add our designs with background images for a complete "car show stopper" look.

Semi wraps are a great cost effective way to make your race car look like a compete wrap. Like our Afterburner Design example above, you can use your paint color to make-up part of the color image of the race car. Such as hard to wrap areas, like the nose and using graphics on the easy flat areas of the body. Most of our Semi Wraps have graphics for the side body panels, nose and hood graphics and a large roof number with no design behind the roof number (just the paint color).

Modified Wraps $700.00 / Modified Semi Wraps $430.00

Modified IMCA type race cars are great for vinyl graphic wraps. Wrapping the side body panels, nose / hood, sail panels and roof panel you can create graphics with unlimited imagination.

Our Semi Wraps Kits are similar to Full Wrap Kits, minus the vinyl to wrap the full roof and sail panels. Sail panels and nose / hood panels are an added option and basic kits come complete with all car numbers (including 6" tall front and rear numbers), roof numbers and left and right driver's names.