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Originally Online: May 9th 2002

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We strive for quality digital printed vinyl graphic images, using state-of-the-art Print / Laminate systems to fit our customer's needs. Only the best materials are used to create the best Race Car graphics available.........
We're confident that our "High Gloss Clear Vinyl Laminated Graphics" are a superior product over our competitors. Using non laminated graphics or any liquid laminated graphics (a water based matieral) are less durable with less surface gloss and can not compare to our race proven vinyl laminated material. Our graphics slap concrete walls at oval tracks worldwide, while retaining quality and beauty.

Our Material Adhesion Factor = Drag Cars doing speeds in excess of 260 MPH within 24 hours of application.

Material Thickness = 3 mil. thick using 3M and Avery-Dennison vinyl materials.

All content on this site is created and controlled by High Speed Autographics.

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